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Strategic advisory

If the decision on the optimum development path of the company has not been taken yet, the starting point is the strategy. Acropolis Advisory may assist you in verification of available development scenarios and assessment of their impact on the company’s future value and risk profile.

Buy-side advisory

Increasing market competition makes organic growth more difficult. Under such circumstances active consolidation of the market is the only strategy enabling dynamic growth of the firm’s value. Acropolis Advisory offers its transactional experience gained in both domestic and cross border consolidation processes.

Sell-side advisory

Typically, the Entrepreneur exits his/her investment through a disposal to another investor. The key factor here is proper determination of the company’s and industry’s life cycle moment. It determines the next step, i.e. selection of an appropriate investor type (venture capitalist, industrial player, company’s management, key customer, etc.).

Due diligence

Perhaps because the term "due diligence" does not have a good translation in Polish, its purpose and value added is not always properly recognized. When acquiring a company, the purchaser usually performs a more or less extensive examination. Most frequently, it refers to the financial, tax and legal condition of the enterprise.


Marcin Anklewicz

Tel: +48 508 018 346
Managing Partner

Bartłomiej Tkaczyk

Tel: +48 505 513 275
Cross-border advisory transactions on Eastern-European

Tomasz Mrowczyk

Tel: +48 693 152 690
Responsible for transaction process management and valuation advisory

Rafał Cieślik

Tel: +48 507 986 681
Responsible for finance acquisition projects

Jacek Ślusarczyk

Tel: +48 517 362 769
Transaction advisory, valuation and financial due diligence projects

Kamil Małek

Tel: +48 782 250 555
Transaction advisory, valuation and financial due diligence projects