For entrepreneurs

Corporate finance is a specific competence. It is governed by its own language and rules. Most of entrepreneurs face it only few times during their careers. One could think, it would be most convenient, if they leave this area to specialists and focus on what they do best.

Knowing entrepreneurs, however, we can hardly think this would be the case. They want to know as much as possible about their environment – no matter if it comes to tax rules, human resources management, or chemical processes staying behind the technology they have deployed. The reason is always the same: every day they put at risk all their assets. That is why they want to be sure.

Having that in mind, below we present texts, which will bring you closer to the topic. They will allow you to better understand the terminology we use during cooperation, but most of all – the rules we obey in our work. Upon your request, we can amplify areas of your special interest during a meeting.

  • Acquisition of financing. Bank loan, IPO, private equity or industry player?
  • How to groom your business?
  • Is valuation worth it? Valuations versus market.
  • How to capture value of your brand when selling a business?
  • Does it pay to overpay?